Where Have All the Tea Makers Gone?

South Korea’s artisan tea makers are losing their youth to big city dreams – but with a global rise in organic tea sales, Jiri Mountain’s organic tea could become more sought-after than ever.


Daniele Giovannucci and Luis F. Samper team with Brazilian researcher Luciana Marques Vieira to publish a United Nations financed report on the powerful role of intangibles in the coffee value chain. more


dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

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Logistics are critical but not a core element that interferes with direct trade agreements, so long as transactions are transparent. more


Growth is merely keeping pace with population gains says Andrea Illy: “Quality has been able to conquer even the most reluctant consumers. So, let’s continue to improve quality, and we will have more consumption.” more


Nouvelle-Orléans remains the steadfast companion of coffee, weathering 300 years of storm and strife as the coffee gateway to the USA. Today it is the No. 1 US port for imported coffee, exceeding tonnage landed in New York. more


18i4_ART_Cold Brew

Photo courtesy Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

American consumers have discovered cold brew coffee and are showing their excitement with significant sales growth. more


woman choosing cold bottle of water or beverage on shelves in su

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Bottled drinks are the fastest-growing beverage segment worldwide. Driven by nutritional health concerns globally and convenience, consumers have elevated flat and sparkling ready-to-drink tea to become the no-mess alternative to sugary sodas. more


It’s a simple consumer expectation. Tea drinkers want to enjoy the freshest taste possible. But as their demand for new, premium products continues to rise, tea companies continue to look for better ways to deliver quality. more


Smallholders on tea farms around the world are learning the power of marketing artisan teas direct from origin. more


glass jars with flavors wine

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The dynamics of flavoring are in transition as innovation presents new challenges. more

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Artisan factories profit using semi-automatic processing machines that create teas that closely resemble handmade. more


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