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China is now one of the world’s top arabica producing nations. more


The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation has now planted 78% of its coffee lands in disease-resistant stock. more


Officials in Costa Rica are trying to end a 30-year ban on robusta production in order to combat climate change and improve farm incomes. more

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Brazil Bets on Specialty Conilon

Photo byHarley Kalk da Silva (courtesy of Venturim Farm)

New clonals, post-harvest fermentation techniques, and better processing methods are some of the tools now used to produce high-quality conilon coffees in Brazil. more

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Coffee beans at a plantation after rain in Vietnam

Anastasiia -

Vietnam intends to maintain its global position as the world’s largest producer of robusta, increasing both acreage and yield, while transitioning several promising growing regions to arabica. more


Uganda’s coffee production will increase, even if only modestly, in the coming months as additional maturing plantations come online, according to a report. more

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Rwanda appears on track achieving its 2018 coffee production and earnings targets after the government reported progress on the crop’s performance for the first nine months of 2017. more

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Yunnan Coffee Exchange

Photo by Dan Bolton/STiR coffee and tea

Organizers plan conference and tour of China's Yunnan province which produces virtually all of that nation's arabica more


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Clark Cabus

Farmer Bros. Co. recently opened for business in Northlake, Texas, with a new 538,000-sq.-ft. facility that serves as company headquarters and roasting facility. more

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Colombian Coffee Growers Federation c.e.o. Roberto Vélez is championing a new forum for coffee producers. more


The Philippine government wants to turn around its nation’s coffee industry, reducing coffee bean imports and promoting exports. To reach that goal, officials are setting a new export target. more

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'Voiceless' Women in  Brazil Raise a Shout

Photo courtesy Ernesto Ricciardi, Coffee Museum, Santos, Brazil.

Two important international coffee reports on the contributions of women in coffee largely dismiss women’s role in Brazil, prompting outcry and a national survey to quantify their participation. more

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The International Coffee Organization predicts global coffee production will remain “relatively stable, up 0.1% to 151.6 million 60-kilo bags. more


A new program limits coffee production to 1.48 million acres with an emphasis on planting new trees. more

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Worldwide coffee estimates for the 2015/16 year ended with a 3.3 million bag deficit between production and consumption, according to the International Coffee Organization. more

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Nature and Society in Sacred Balance

Photo courtesy ANEI website

The Arhuaco people of Colombia are one of four indigenous groups of coffee producers whose sustainable practices go well beyond marketing strategies. Maintaining balance with nature is their life philosophy, their cultural identity. more


Total exports for the first half of the coffee year were 55.5 million 60-kilo bags according to the International Coffee Organization. more


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