bunte Kaffeekapseln

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Plastic single-use capsules are not easily recycled, not marine compostable, and definitely not yet green. more


There’s been a movement towards more sustainable solutions across the Single-serve capsules category. more


Boyd's Coffee Company recently launched the first certifiable 100% compostable, single-serve coffee pod available to coffee-centric consumers shopping in West Coast grocery stores. more

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Ahlstrom will supply two top European coffee houses with fully compostable infusion materials for single-serve capsule lids. more

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During the roasting process coffee beans expand shedding a protective skin that is discarded as chaff. Over the years chaff has been used by farmers and gardening centers but it is essentially waste that must be removed from the facility. more


Consumers want to stop sending spent single-serve cups to the garbage heap. Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA announced its intent to introduce compostable coffee pods before the end of 2015. more

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