Quality Espresso, the largest manufacturer of professional espresso equipment in Spain, recently introduced its newest Futurmat. more


For the first time in 40 years, Starbucks began serving a new core espresso choice to US customers in January. Blonde Espresso now can be requested in a variety of drinks. more

Coffee Report

The espresso machine manufacturer is adding a branch office in Germany. more

Coffee Report

New standards are being developed that will redefine the expectations of a high-quality Italian espresso. more

Coffee Report

Millennial coffee drinkers are the new face of coffee. Unlike their parents, the majority consume their coffee outside the home. Who are these millennials? more


ORCA Coffee offers free coffeemakers to its club members. more

Coffee Report

The Strada EP is designed as a more stable, reliable, and versatile machine that gives the barista full control over the coffee brewing process. more


La Spaziale enhances its technology for the convenience and safety of baristas in the new S40 Suprema. more


Victoria Arduino recently released the VA358 White Eagle espresso machine with new technology to manage temperature control, steam wand and LED display. more


Coffee Report June 2015

Mads Morgensen

A new café in Vienna combines high end catered food with the coffees of Nespressom including those made by the Nespresso Cube. more

Coffee Report

  • Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Suttisak -

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine background - can be used for display or montage your text (soft focus at cup)

  • Coffee preparation

    Photographer:Arkady Chubykin Arkady Chubykin - Fotolia

    Coffee preparation

    The coffee preparation in a white sand

  • Coffee machine keypad

    Coffee vending machine keypad with coffee names

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