Nicaragua’s 44,000 coffee farmers are unable to reliably export coffee due to massive civil unrest that has closed transportation hubs. more


Officials in Kenya want a larger share of coffee shipments to the United States and plans are being made to make it happen. more

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The Philippine government wants to turn around its nation’s coffee industry, reducing coffee bean imports and promoting exports. To reach that goal, officials are setting a new export target. more

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When green coffee heading for the United States didn’t arrive on time, news quickly spread. Hanjin Shipping Co. had filed for bankruptcy stranding ships at sea. The news was a clear indication that the global shipping industry was facing a crisis. more

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Plans are in the works to increase roasting and help farmers find foreign partners for distribution. more

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Concern over the spread of the Zika virus has reached China where coffee shipments already have been held up in Chinese ports. Now exports passing through the United States are under scrutiny. more

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Specialty coffee exporter Bourbon Coffees has unveiled an innovative new recyclable plastic-lined paper sack that holds 30 kilos of green coffee. more


Exports for the coffee year ending September marked the first year-on-year decrease in five years, according to the International Coffee Organization. more


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