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Plastic single-use capsules are not easily recycled, not marine compostable, and definitely not yet green. more


The SV1820 MR vertical bagger by Bosch Packaging is a cost-effective solution ideal for fractioned coffee in pack sizes up to 7 inches (180 mm) due to the extreme small format tube pitch. more


McDonald’s, which generates millions of tons of take-away trash daily, boldly declared that by 2025 all of its guest packaging will be sustainable, and that recycling will be universal at its 37,000 locations in 100 countries. more


Peter Delain has been involved in the packaging industry since 1985. In his role as director of sales for OPTIMA Machinery Corporation, Peter is responsible for primary and secondary packaging equipment. more


Customers and employees have a keen interest in green packaging and are looking for more from manufacturers. more


IMA EC24 Optima tea packaging machine

Photo courtesy of IMA Mai S.A.

In a market saturated with specialty tea and coffee, packaging has never been more important. more


The growth of packaging in landfill environments has become an issue we can no longer ignore.  Once buried in landfills, coffee packaging, aggravates the situation. The only real solution must start there. more


Two California coffee companies have teamed to produce compostable bags and single-serve pods. more

Coffee Report

Single-serve brewers are not disappearing. No matter what you hear this category is solidly entrenched and growing to meet consumer’s expectations for high quality at-home consumption. more


Drive consumer engagement with the right package. more


As consumer demand for single-serve coffee products continues to grow, smaller roasters are looking for a way to enter the market. One Italian packaging machine manufacturer believes it has the solution. more


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