The Specialty Coffee Association group was created to reconsider a September decision to host World Coffee Events in Dubai, UAE. more


New standards are being developed that will redefine the expectations of a high-quality Italian espresso. more

Coffee Report

The world’s two largest specialty coffee associations agree to become one. In the New Year a new era begins. more

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No vote date yet, though combined operations of the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe may begin as early as January 2017. more

Coffee Report

The Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe will soon present a member referendum to approve a merger, which if passed, will begin a years-long process of deeper alignment and operational integration. more


Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) leaders and their SCAE counterparts in Europe are awaiting a feasibility report on merging. more


Probot is hosting the inaugural specialty coffee symposium June 15 in conjunction with SCAE's World of Coffee is Gothenburg, Sweden June 16-18. more


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