South Korea’s artisan tea makers are losing their youth to big city dreams – but with a global rise in organic tea sales, Jiri Mountain’s organic tea could become more sought-after than ever. more

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The European Food Safety Authority has awarded Unilever a positive opinion on its health claim that black tea improves people’s attention span. The EFSA endorsement is a first involving tea. more


Shabnam Weber, a Toronto-based tea retailer and founder of The Academy of Tea, is the new president of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. more


Jessica Vets is the new operations chief at G.S. Haly Company, the California-based tea wholesaler and specialty tea importer. more

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One of the joys of tea has been the astonishing variety, range and artistry of the cups and pots it’s served in. more

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Finlay Extracts and Ingredients' announcement of a new $17 million R&D lab highlights several rapidly accelerating trends in the convergence of tea and flavored coffee. more

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Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew is a new slant on an old tradition. It combines the British Builder tea – heavy basic black and now smoothed and enhanced as English Breakfast -- with a chocolate or milk digestive biscuit perched on the saucer. more

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Energy costs have created a vicious cycle in Kenya’s tea production. more

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Bottled drinks are the fastest-growing beverage segment worldwide. Driven by nutritional health concerns globally and convenience, consumers have elevated flat and sparkling ready-to-drink tea to become the no-mess alternative to sugary sodas. more


It’s a simple consumer expectation. Tea drinkers want to enjoy the freshest taste possible. But as their demand for new, premium products continues to rise, tea companies continue to look for better ways to deliver quality. more


Both the domestic and export tea markets in Vietnam are marked by the same growing priority: branding. more

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A group of 130 smallholder tea farmers in Kenya has registered a new company whose goal is to market its unique premium offer: purple tea. more

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Non-profit AVPA, an organization that hosts competitions throughout France, conducted its first Teas of the World competition in June. Winners will be announced in July. more

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Coffee and tea soon will become traded products on the Easy Africa Commodities Exchange (EAX). more

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Smallholders on tea farms around the world are learning the power of marketing artisan teas direct from origin. more


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The dynamics of flavoring are in transition as innovation presents new challenges. more

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Artisan factories profit using semi-automatic processing machines that create teas that closely resemble handmade. more



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During three decades as a product developer and troubleshooter, Nigel Melican has earned a reputation for applying an artful mastery of technology and insight that has improved tea manufacturing in 26 countries. more


During the decade ahead, green tea production is expected to increase at three times the rate of black tea, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. more


The world’s top tea brands each manufacture more than a million tea bags per hour. Under these conditions, flimsy tea bag materials simply won’t do. more


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    Mug with tea

    Mug with tea and tea leaves in the evening cafe

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    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine background - can be used for display or montage your text (soft focus at cup)

  • Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

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    Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Cheerful woman in the street drinking morning coffee in sunshine light

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    Fresh Brew Restaurants

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