New legislation designed to overhaul the coffee industry has passed the government’s cabinet, according to a New Vision news report. The law also repeals the legal backbone of the Uganda Coffee Development Authority. more

Coffee Report

Coffee transportation in East Africa, long a barrier to efficient supply, could greatly improve as governments in the region and the private sector roll out initiatives to address bottlenecks that delay cargo movement and increase the cost. more


Uganda’s coffee production will increase, even if only modestly, in the coming months as additional maturing plantations come online, according to a report. more

Coffee Report

Uganda is prepared to begin exporting coffee to Sudan after complying with that country’s new consumer protection standards. more

Coffee Report

Ugandan coffee sales are growing and officials credit much of the gains to price increases and a redirection of exports from South Sudan to the Democratic Republic of Congo. more

Coffee Report

A Ugandan farmers union wants a new law to protect the quality of coffee exported from the country. more

Coffee Report



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