United Arab Emirates

Dubai is by far the world’s most important waystation for tea. more


National chapters opt to skip events in protest. more


The Specialty Coffee Association has created a “deferred candidacy policy” for eligible World Coffee Events entrants who cannot attend international competitions based on laws, natural calamities, religious or gender restrictions in a host country. more

Coffee Report

A September release announcing the locations of three upcoming coffee competitions was suspended the same day when the human rights record of one host country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was called into question. more

Coffee Report

Coffee Connection

Photo by Dan Bolton

China is the United Arab Emirate’s No. 1 trading partner. Next year, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center will begin trading Yunnan arabica at a modern roasting and distribution center. more


The United Arab Emirates is home to the world’s largest concentration of business ventures adding value to tea. Ahmed Bin Sulayen is executive chairman of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center. He spoke with STiR's Dan Bolton for this edition's Q&A. more


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