Colombians in Love with Premium Coffee. Finally.

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Of the 342 "third wave" coffee places I've enjoyed pour overs/espresso in North America, Europe, and Colombia, this article falls dramatically short in highlighting two facts:
1. Coffee is the Ferarri, it's the driver (Barista) who makes it go fast, or not. I've had some horrible Gesha in Colombia, I've also had some spectacular, all because of the skillset of the Barista.
2. To point #1, by far the best Baristas AS A TEAM in Colombia can be found at Pergamino. Velvet close second. Velvet makes their own pastries as well. I'm a coffee purest, purhaps that why the "warm milk" places noted hear fall short in my ratings. Tostao does a great job of delivering a warm milk product, but then again, so does Juan Valdez & Starbucks.

Willi 217 days ago

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