California agency takes stand against coffee warning



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This is the same state

California is the same state that for far too many years ALLOWED the inclusion of a known hazardous substance to be blended into gasoline for motor fuel, I believe it was called MTBE. It had a strange and strong smell, which I could instantly detect at any fuel station after entering that crazy place. It does not break down in combustion, is otherwise persistent, and if memory serves was a byproduct of some industrial process that was difficult to get rid of because of the great expense involved. So, California, when asked by Standard Oil, agreed that they could just blend it into motor fuel for sale in the state. Not sure just what changed but it has been gone for a few years now.. yet California allowed it despite its toxicity and persistence. I'd not trust ANYTHING that state does. Their corruption knows no bounds.

Tio Nico 79 days ago

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