Q & A: David Neumann of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe



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Q & A: David Neumann of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

Take another look at your attempts to justify Uganda on your homepage. Mr. Neumann, you have taken over a family business and are responsible for your name and origin. The procrastination tactic of the pending legal dispute over the land conflict in Mubende / Uganda, here the Kaweri coffee plantation, speaks a clear language. The podcast on Phoenix "Bitterer Kaffee" is a tip for you personally. A shame that you and your management have to blame. Is that worth the ridiculous fame you base on the wrong foundation?

Mandy Grand, Germany 57 days ago

Its your raw material mister

I think this guy is high up in a different ingridient cultivated in colombia!! Amazing how this merchant tries to colonize as germans tried! A simple Q ....\ where would you and your company be without the coffee missereably bought as your raw material? You would be in the same caravan north

Juan valdez 169 days ago

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