Growth is merely keeping pace with population gains says Andrea Illy: “Quality has been able to conquer even the most reluctant consumers. So, let’s continue to improve quality, and we will have more consumption.” more


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American consumers have discovered cold brew coffee and are showing their excitement with significant sales growth. more


Kenneth C. "Casey" Keller Jr. takes over on Aug. 6, succeeding Dave Burwick who has led the company since 2012. more

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Nestlé looks to capitalize on expanding demand for coffee in Asian countries with Nescafé Dolce Gusto line. more

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Erna Knutsen, a longtime leader in coffee trading and the person credited with coining the term “specialty coffee,” passed away June 16, 2018. She was 97. more

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The Italian coffee company is taking steps to improve coffee production in the department of Cauca, Colombia, an area where former rebel forces live. more

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Solar roaster helps farmers

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Compadre, a coffee startup based in Lima, Peru, receives top honors from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for its Solar Hybrid Coffee Roaster. more

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The reason coffee sold in California must carry a warning label is to inform consumers of the potential hazard from drinking potential carcinogens. But what if the proven overall benefit in reducing cancers outweighs the potential harm? more


Arabica production alone is expected to exceed Brazil’s entire 2017/18 crop in what the Brazilian state forecasting agency is predicting will be a record harvest. more


Nicaragua’s 44,000 coffee farmers are unable to reliably export coffee due to massive civil unrest that has closed transportation hubs. more


Carimali recently launched Genius, a compact, light-weight semi-automatic coffee machine ideal for the coffee lover who wants a professional machine for their home. more


Optima has pioneered a vacuum packaging alternative for coffee. The InlineCan, introduced commercially in March by NewCoffee GmbH & Co., is a carton packaging solution that protects aroma and freshness. more


Cold brew manufacturer High Brew, founded in 2013 by Sweet Leaf Tea founder David Smith, announced an additional $20 million round of investments. The round was led by Austin, Tex.-based Charles Street Partners. more

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Scientists have for the first time mapped the DNA of coffee-specific nematodes, a parasitic worm that feeds on plant roots. more


Quality Espresso, the largest manufacturer of professional espresso equipment in Spain, recently introduced its newest Futurmat. more


New legislation designed to overhaul the coffee industry has passed the government’s cabinet, according to a New Vision news report. The law also repeals the legal backbone of the Uganda Coffee Development Authority. more

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Brewer manufacturer Wilber Curtis, in Montebello, Calif., recently launched the GemX with one-touch, icon-driven digital controls. more


Coffee and tea soon will become traded products on the Easy Africa Commodities Exchange (EAX). more

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The dynamics of flavoring are in transition as innovation presents new challenges. more

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Nestlé’s decision to purchase the perpetual rights to market Starbucks consumer and foodservice brands globally, outside the company’s coffee shops, was a bold move on the chessboard of global coffee. more


  • dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

    khlongwangchao -

    dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

  • Coffee beans at a plantation after rain in Vietnam

    Anastasiia -

    Coffee beans at a plantation after rain in Vietnam

  • Coffee plantation - Dalat, Vietnam

    HASLOO Milles Studio -

    Coffee plantation - Dalat, Vietnam

    Coffee plantation - Dalat, Vietnam

  • Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Suttisak -

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine background - can be used for display or montage your text (soft focus at cup)

  • harvesting of coffee in Vietnam near Da Lat

    Anastasiia -

    harvesting of coffee in Vietnam near Da Lat

  • Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Ivan Kruk Ivan Kruk - Fotolia

    Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Cheerful woman in the street drinking morning coffee in sunshine light

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