Tea in Korea Could Hit a Boiling Point

A stuffy tea culture has lost ground to an innovative coffee industry. Sugary drinks from Taiwan are lighting up social media and industry leaders are stacking fruity tea blends onto their menus, marking a revival for Korea and Asia’s tea industries.

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True Brew

Photo courtesy Araku Coffee

The National Coffee Association defines cold brew as “coffee extracted with water at ambient or cooler temperatures. " First, there was Toddy coffee, then cold brew, and now nitro, what’s next? Read more


Hand holding a recycling garbage bin with lots of waste packagin

ink drop - stock.adobe.com

After decades of going it alone, coffee and tea companies are working together to achieve sustainable solutions for the most vexing challenges in product packaging Read more


American Shaman, an American retailer known for its enthusiasm for CBD, notes that now that cultivating hemp is legal in the United States is a rush to deliver more palatable and convenient forms of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive companion to THC. Read more


Guatemala: Infinite Possibilities

Photo courtesy Revival Coffee Roasting

Guatemala is a small Central American country with unique topography and an international reputation for stellar mild-flavored, specialty coffees and distinct profiles from fruit and floral to chocolate with caramel. Read more


China’s Ideal Specialty Coffee Cultivar Could be a F1 Hybrid Read more


Consumers in the US are now paying a putative 15% tariff on Chinese tea with the possibility of further increases as high as 25% in the months ahead. Read more



gilaxia Getty Images

Fabscale was established to accommodate any coffee processing facility that will benefit from a single overview of every machine and device along the production line from green coffee receiving to roasting, packaging, and shipping. Read more


Decoupling the deeply entwined US and Chinese trade relationships will have a profound and largely negative impact on coffee and tea retail. Read more


Probat introduced this fall the PX120, a mid-sized gas-powered drum roaster that is significantly more energy efficient and offers roasters greater batch control and reproducibility. Read more


India’s tea industry is struggling with low prices, high labor costs, vagaries of the weather, and with every passing year, the problems are both recurring and amplifying.  Growers report that 80% of the country’s plantations are not profitable. Read more


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