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Q&A: SCA's Ric Rhinehart

Ric Rhinehart recently stepped down as executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association to devote his attention to the Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative, which aims to understand and address how the crisis affects coffee farmers.

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SheTrades: Economic Empowerment for Women

Photo by Thomas Schmid/STiR

SheTrades is a global initiative by the International Trade Center. Its mission is to foster the economic power of women by assisting enterprises that hope to gain access to markets and financial services. Read more


Integrating the Transparent Tea Supply Chain Read more


The Coffee Nation

Photo courtesy Renata Silva

While celebrating a record harvest of 61.7 million bags last year, Brazil was crowned the biggest consuming market in the world. Domestic coffee drinkers emptied 21 million 60-kilo bags of coffee in 2018, an increase of 3%. Read more


Henry Yeo, founder of Young In Traders, has helped sustain the trend of premium coffee in Asia since 2001. He talks with STiR's Sherri Johns about sourcing, sustainability and more. Read more


Kaffee, Weltkarte, Kaffeetasse

Andreas Gruhl Andreas Gruhl - stock.adobe.com

Uncertainty prevails among traders despite record exports, replenished stocks, a surplus of arabica, and low prices Read more


Latecomer Peru poised to make its mark with booming production, premium, organic, and sustainable coffees Read more


Affluence, emerging coffee cultures and a taste for premium specialty coffee drives Asian imports Read more


Peaking at $5.7 billion in sales in 2016, demand for single-serve capsules has leveled off after capturing a significant portion of the US coffee market. Still, premium private-labels showed growth. Read more


The growing sophistication of semi- and fully-automated coffee machines delight consumers literally everywhere they turn. Read more



Photo courtesy Port of Virginia

The port in the Hampton Roads region supports a fast-growing Mid-Atlantic coffee and tea production center. Read more


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