Tea in Korea Could Hit a Boiling Point

A stuffy tea culture has lost ground to an innovative coffee industry. Sugary drinks from Taiwan are lighting up social media and industry leaders are stacking fruity tea blends onto their menus, marking a revival for Korea and Asia’s tea industries.

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Consumers in the US are now paying a putative 15% tariff on Chinese tea with the possibility of further increases as high as 25% in the months ahead. Read more


Decoupling the deeply entwined US and Chinese trade relationships will have a profound and largely negative impact on coffee and tea retail. Read more


India’s tea industry is struggling with low prices, high labor costs, vagaries of the weather, and with every passing year, the problems are both recurring and amplifying.  Growers report that 80% of the country’s plantations are not profitable. Read more


Italian Expansion

Photos courtesy illycaffè

Two iconic Italian coffee brands – Lavazza and illycaffè – are pushing forward with initiatives and innovations designed to introduce their products to new customers across North America. Read more


Tea bag production is extraordinarily complex and involves many materials, steps, and functional demands. The coffee industry faces a similarly vexing challenge in single-use capsules and k-cups. Read more


While the impacts of the inclusion of Chinese tea imports in the U.S. trade war are unclear and the details labyrinthine, one certainty is that there will be tariff evasion. This is a sophisticated, pervasive art form in world trade. Read more

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Continued volatility poses a threat to processed coffees Read more


Menno Simmons, founder of Trabocca coffee traders, is an expert on Ethiopian specialty coffee. “I wanted to create, to get my boots dirty, to face the challenges and most of all: to add value in Ethiopia,” he writes. See his conversation with STiR. Read more


The world is realizing African coffee has its perks. Countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and Kenya are seeking to boost production during the next five years. Read more


China’s largest commercial coffee exchange and rail hub delivers instant, roast, and green coffee to half the world Read more


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