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STiR Coffee and Tea, founded in 2011 and published bi-monthly is the leading magazine for the global coffee and tea industries, is published bi-monthly.

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Oldest Euro tea plant: Gorreana Tea, in the Azores, Portugal is the oldest operating tea plantation in Europe. Founded in 1883, it is still operating.  See a video about the plantation here.

Coffee roaster award: Extract Coffee Roasters receives title of Best All-Round Specialty Roaster at the UK Coffee Award held at the London Coffee Festival. See full awards list here.

 US coffee growing: There are two US states that grow coffee. Do you know which state other than Hawaii grows coffee?  Read the full article in tastingtable.com here.

The US dollar goes up and coffee prices go down. How come? See this link for an explanation of how that works from barchart.com.

Fairtrade appointment: Fairtrade International announce Sandra Uwera as the new global c.e.o. Uwera brings a wealth of experience, most recently as c.e.o. of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Business Council. See fairtrade.net for more information.

JDE Peet’s executes €500 million share buyback. JDE Peets, the so-called world’s leading coffee-tea pure play investment acquires the shares from Mondelez International Holdings of the Netherlands.  See story here.

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Point of View:

Russia Firmly on the Coffee and Tea Industry Sh?t List

When the whole world expressly and firmly condemns your acts or is – at best – silent, and the only country supporting you is the authoritarian-ruled, semi-state Belarus, let’s just say you won’t be invited for coffee or tea anytime soon.

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