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STiR Coffee and Tea, founded in 2011 and published bi-monthly is the leading magazine for the global coffee and tea industries, is published bi-monthly.

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More News and Features

Electrolytic coffee:  A new U.S. company called Electrobrew has introduced what it calls the first electrolyte-infused ground coffee.

Ofi unit rebrands: Olam Specialty Coffee, a green coffee supplier based in the U.S. and U.K., has changed its name to “Covoya.”

Hunan dark tea: Chinese customs agents worked with growers to support the first shipment of Hunan dark tea to the United States.

Indian tea exports rise: Shipments of tea from India are on the rise.

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Point of View:

Sri Lanka is showing how in times of crisis a core industry can function as a de facto national institution. The tea supply chain, like other sectors, is beset by the economy’s current problems.

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