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STiR coffee and tea magazine, founded in 2012, is now the world’s leading magazine covering coffee and tea from the industry side.

STiR arose from the coffee and tea industry’s demand for a quality international magazine that takes its concerns to heart with a professional outlook and reporting edge. Built upon the success of the well-known and accepted Tea & Coffee Asia, which was launched in June 1999, STiR keeps the world’s coffee and tea businesses on top of the latest trends, abreast of the most recent technology, and one step ahead of growing competition.

The major focus of STiR coffee and tea is the concerns of coffee roasters and tea packers, tea leaf and coffee bean importers and exporters, and tea and coffee growers and plantations. Readers learn what manufacturing processes are being used, the latest packaging techniques, types of coffee and tea, which countries/companies are leading the way, and all the latest on the equipment, machinery, supplies, and services required to bring coffee and tea products to the marketplace.

Another major focus of the magazine is on coffee shops, tea shops, hotels, espresso bars, and cafes and what they need to set up their tea and coffee service business and how to improve that business. In every issue, you can expect to learn who is serving the latest coffee and tea brands, what flavors are popular, and what equipment they are using, as well as merchandising and trade innovations.

Who reads STiR coffee and tea?

  • General Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Company Directors
  • Coffee Shop / Teashop Managers and Personnel
  • Food and Beverage Departments (restaurant and HORECA)
  • Sourcing and Production Personnel
  • Import and Export Departments
  • Plantation Personnel
  • Marketing, Promotions, and Brand Management
  • Factory Managers, Technicians, and Engineers.

What companies receive STiR coffee and tea? 

  • Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee Product Manufacturers
  • Tea Blenders & Packers
  • Tea Products Manufacturers and Marketers
  • Commodity Exporters and Importers
  • Large Coffee and Tea Plantations
  • Coffee Shops and Teashops
  • Espresso Bars
  • Four- and Five-Star Hotels
  • Major Food Service Chains

Where does STiR coffee and tea circulate?

STiR’s circulation is global. It goes without saying that STiR’s circulation in Asia, being founded upon Tea & Coffee Asia is superior to any publication. Now STiR’s strategic partnership with the world’s leading coffee and tea organizations and companies, membership in the leading trade associations, and building upon our global relationships now puts STiR at the forefront of global visibility. You will see STiR exhibiting/attending every major coffee and tea event globally including:

  • Global Specialty Coffee Expo (US)
  • Hotelex Shanghai
  • HOST Milan
  • World of Coffee (Europe)
  • FHA Singapore
  • NCA (US)
  • Single-Serve Conferences (Global)
  • Sintercafe (Costa Rica)
  • Specialty Coffee & Tea (Singapore)
  • Interpack (Dusseldorf)
  • Pack Expo (US)
  • Global Dubai Tea Forum
  • Café Show (Seoul)
  • ASIC Conferences
  • RUCTIE (Moscow)
  • ICO World Coffee Conferences

What is the frequency of STiR? 

It is published bi-monthly (6 times a year) with regular website updates.

Why advertise in STiR coffee and tea magazine?

STiR is delivered DIRECTLY to coffee and tea industry buyers, executives, and decision-makers globally. Advertising in STiR is an excellent support to a company’s global sales efforts and brand building. Every issue of STiR publishes more editorial and advertising than any other global industry journal and is read by more people.

Why read STiR coffee and tea? 

Because some of the world’s leading experts are our regular contributors. The magazine is an independent source of information on the expanding and rapidly changing markets globally. Readers of STiR keep one step ahead of the competition and gain insight and knowledge on the latest trends and developments available. Many of the writers and special articles in STIR are by well-known industry personnel, sharing their views and secrets on their business. STiR keeps the readers abreast of the state-of-the-art technology and equipment and products available.

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Oldest Euro tea plant: Gorreana Tea, in the Azores, Portugal is the oldest operating tea plantation in Europe. Founded in 1883, it is still operating.  See a video about the plantation here.

Coffee roaster award: Extract Coffee Roasters receives title of Best All-Round Specialty Roaster at the UK Coffee Award held at the London Coffee Festival. See full awards list here.

 US coffee growing: There are two US states that grow coffee. Do you know which state other than Hawaii grows coffee?  Read the full article in tastingtable.com here.

The US dollar goes up and coffee prices go down. How come? See this link for an explanation of how that works from barchart.com.

Fairtrade appointment: Fairtrade International announce Sandra Uwera as the new global c.e.o. Uwera brings a wealth of experience, most recently as c.e.o. of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Business Council. See fairtrade.net for more information.

JDE Peet’s executes €500 million share buyback. JDE Peets, the so-called world’s leading coffee-tea pure play investment acquires the shares from Mondelez International Holdings of the Netherlands.  See story here.

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