Almost 2,000 kilometers from the coast of southwestern Africa sits the tiny island of St. Helena, renowned as the place of exile of deposed French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who died there in 1821. Read more


Sri Lanka's tea industry had a rough year in 2022, with substantially lower production and a sharp fall in exports. Read more

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Packaging manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region will gain a potential new source of raw materials in 2024 when NatureWorks begins operations at its new plant now under construction in Thailand. Read more


A new public-private project called the Indonesia Coffee Enterprise Resilience Initiative will provide credit and training to support smallholder farms in the archipelago. Read more


Urbanites might someday be able to enjoy freshly plucked tea leaves for use in cooking, fresh tea infusions and production of specialty tea if a Chinese initiative in high-rise farming succeeds. Read more

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Japanese coffee chain % Arabica is expanding its footprint in North America and elsewhere. In December the company is opening a new store in Toronto, marking its entry into the Canadian market. Read more


The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is redoubling a push to expand its role in the global trade of coffee and tea. Read more


Orders of Indian tea by buyers in Iran slowed abruptly in December, as the Iranian government stopped issuing the licenses required to import products. Iranian officials have not issued an explanation for the move. Read more


The ethical movement to ensure living wages for coffee farmers took a step forward with the announcement that Fairtrade International has signed up two commercial partners in the United States that will use its new "Living Income Reference Price"... Read more


Digitalization might someday streamline the global sourcing of coffee and tea. Five big companies have bet that a startup’s technology will let buyers screen products without physical shipment of samples. Read more


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Electrolytic coffee:  A new U.S. company called Electrobrew has introduced what it calls the first electrolyte-infused ground coffee.

Ofi unit rebrands: Olam Specialty Coffee, a green coffee supplier based in the U.S. and U.K., has changed its name to “Covoya.”

Hunan dark tea: Chinese customs agents worked with growers to support the first shipment of Hunan dark tea to the United States.

Indian tea exports rise: Shipments of tea from India are on the rise.

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Point of View:

Sri Lanka is showing how in times of crisis a core industry can function as a de facto national institution. The tea supply chain, like other sectors, is beset by the economy’s current problems.

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