Coffee bag and degassing valve producers, like others in the broader packaging industry, are making moves to deliver sustainable products for their roasting customers and, most importantly, for consumer demand. Read more


Continued volatility poses a threat to processed coffees Read more


The world is realizing African coffee has its perks. Countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and Kenya are seeking to boost production during the next five years. Read more


The term “supply chain management” is out of date. The new challenge is on-demand network integration. Read more


While the impacts of the inclusion of Chinese tea imports in the U.S. trade war are unclear and the details labyrinthine, one certainty is that there will be tariff evasion. This is a sophisticated, pervasive art form in world trade. Read more

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Dan Bolton,STiR managing editorPoint of View:

Begin with the End in Mind

Single-use packaging is not going away. There are no single-use plastics commercially available that truly solve the problem of disposal so the immediate task is to act together to make sparing use plastics a part of every product on the market.

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