Just in case you were wondering… Information on the association between tea drinking and semen quality is limited…until now. Read more


More and more people are looking into various herbal and green tea for supposed fertility and pregnancy benefits. Read more


From the farm to the final pour, a lot of work goes into a cup of coffee. Like many industries, coffee must contend with its impact on the environment. Read more

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One perennial issue in the coffee supply chain is ensuring that farms get a fair shake. Another is assuring consumers that the deal is real. Read more


Specialty coffee industry pioneer Sherri M. Johns and her company, WholeCup Coffee Consulting, have led or advised coffee competitions, shows, projects, and businesses around the world during the past four decades... Read more


Parosmia is a condition all coffee lovers should fear. The condition is a known side effect of Covid (and the so-called long Covid) which makes strong aromas, such as coffee, smell revolting…like garbage. Read more


UK Tea & Infusions Association (UKTIA) published the first ever Tea Census Report to provide the answers to common tea questions coming from real world research data on one of the world’s largest tea drinking countries. Read more


• Use a good quality tea bag or loose-leaf tea and store your tea in a cool, dry place. • Avoid storing tea next to strongly flavored or perfumed foods. • Always use freshly drawn water and consider using a water filter. Tap water may be hard or soft Read more


In a last second announcement, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) announced that Guatemala is this year’s official Portrait Country at World of Coffee Milan, which takes place in Milan on June 23-25, less than one month away. Read more


As part of their response to the climate crisis, Volcafe partnered with Sofies Group – now a part of dss+ – to assess and address Volcafe's carbon footprint. Read more


A process called bio-innovation is at the heart of La Palma & El Tucan, a unique Colombian coffee producer. A few years ago the farm’s co-founders – Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriña – recognized that the microbial diversity... Read more


In a special report, USDA says that in the current marketing year (Oct 2021-Sept 2022) strong Chinese demand for imported coffee products will increase imports to 4 million bags (1 bag = 60 kg) green been equivalent (GBE), which is a 5% increase... Read more


China is the world's largest tea producer and consumes 40% of global tea, mainly green. Consumption grew by an average of more than 10% per year from 2009-2019 but slowed to 2.5% in 2020. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit... Read more


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Russia Firmly on the Coffee and Tea Industry Sh?t List

When the whole world expressly and firmly condemns your acts or is – at best – silent, and the only country supporting you is the authoritarian-ruled, semi-state Belarus, let’s just say you won’t be invited for coffee or tea anytime soon.

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