According to tea industry leaders, a government-mandated wage increase for tea workers will make Sri Lanka's tea exports uncompetitive... Read more

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JAB-owned, UK-based, coffee and food-to-go chain Pret A Manger is making significant strides in its international expansion plans... Read more


Kenyan President William Ruto recently urged key policymakers and Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) factory chairpersons and directors to step up efforts... Read more


After soaring through the pandemic with record sales and major successes, Starbucks' seemingly continuous rise has taken a sudden dive. Read more


The renowned Italian brand Alps Coffee, the leading coffee roasting company in the Italian Alps, has chosen IMA for its production expansion project. Read more


Tea is widely known but not deeply understood. Experiential tea retailers are vital to transforming casual tea drinkers into informed enthusiasts. Read more


The tea industry has recently witnessed a significant strategic shift. In a move to realign its operations, Rotterdam-based Lipton Tea and Infusions announced... Read more

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The Cerrado Coffee Grower’s Cooperative (Expocacer), established in 1993 in Patrocínio/MG, Brazil, has made significant strides in promoting coffee quality... Read more


A small-scale clinical trial revealed that Japanese subjects who consumed roasted Hojicha performed better on mental tasks than when consuming green tea or warm water. Read more


Busan, South Korea's second-largest city and main maritime gateway, is set to transform into the country's incubator for coffee-related businesses... Read more


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