Extreme weather in 2022 and unusually soft demand from Kenya’s major tea customers stymied efforts to stimulate exports, resulting in a 21% decline through the end of October to 370 million kilograms, a five-year low. Read more


Reform of Kenya's troubled coffee sector resumed progress with the announcement in January that the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has approved four additional coffee brokers to trade at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE)... Read more


Volcafe, the green coffee company based in Switzerland, appointed Tim Scharrer as chief operating officer and regional director for Europe and East Africa. Read more


Developing a great tea is partly an art: picking the right ingredients and combining them in the right proportions to please the palate. Read more


Ekaterra Tea CEO Nathalie Roos announced in January that the tea company would rebrand as Lipton Teas and Infusions in 2023. Read more


Almost 2,000 kilometers from the coast of southwestern Africa sits the tiny island of St. Helena, renowned as the place of exile of deposed French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who died there in 1821. Read more


Sri Lanka's tea industry had a rough year in 2022, with substantially lower production and a sharp fall in exports. Read more

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Packaging manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region will gain a potential new source of raw materials in 2024 when NatureWorks begins operations at its new plant now under construction in Thailand. Read more


A new public-private project called the Indonesia Coffee Enterprise Resilience Initiative will provide credit and training to support smallholder farms in the archipelago. Read more


Urbanites might someday be able to enjoy freshly plucked tea leaves for use in cooking, fresh tea infusions and production of specialty tea if a Chinese initiative in high-rise farming succeeds. Read more

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Packaging maker ePac will donate 2% of coffee product sales to Project Waterfall, which benefits coffee-growing communities around the world.

Green coffee trader Sucafina acquired Sustainable Harvest, an Oregon-based specialty coffee importer.

A Glasgow-based startup is working on a process to convert coffee grounds into a palm-oil alternative.

Sri Lanka's George Steuart Teas has opened a new processing plant.

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Sri Lanka is showing how in times of crisis a core industry can function as a de facto national institution. The tea supply chain, like other sectors, is beset by the economy’s current problems.

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