Two decades of tea company acquisitions failed to offset frustratingly sluggish growth that convinced Unilever executives to jettison its tea portfolio despite a dependable €2 billion (US$2.3 billion) annual turnover. Read more

Tea Report

A 14-year study of 365,000 people suggests that tea and coffee drinkers are 32% less likely to suffer a stroke when compared to non-drinkers. Read more

Tea Report

Coffee production in East African grower Uganda in the new 2021-22 crop cycle that started on Oct. 1, will reach 5.95 million 60-kilogram bags, private and public coffee industry officials said this week. Read more

Coffee Report

Growing use of intellectual property (IP) in the coffee industry holds the potential to become one of the most efficient ways to protect coffee as a product and ad brand value Read more

Coffee Report

Covid-19 changed so much about our day-to-day lives – including the very way we take our cup of joe in the morning. Read more

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The Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) is the world’s leading green coffee service group covering all aspects of coffee from cultivation and farm management, export and import operations... Read more

Coffee Report

Coffee production in Ethiopia, Africa’s largest coffee grower and the birthplace of Coffea arabica, will rise 0.3% to 7.62 million 60-kilogram bags in the new 2021-22 crop cycle, for which physical harvesting started in October Read more


Organized protests by thousands of Sri Lankan growers compound disruptions in the tea sector, leading to a projected 25% decline in production and export revenue. Read more


The global tea community, concentrated in countries under severe climate duress, closely monitored and generally applauded Sunday's agreement to facilitate carbon emissions credits. Read more


He was a writer, an academic, a thinker, and a teacher. He studied English literature at Balliol College, Oxford; a love of books and words endured throughout his life. Read more


Coffee equipment from roasting solutions to grinding machinery for both the home and retail market experienced new growth in the last two years, industry officials said this week. Read more


Coffee production in the Philippines goes back an extraordinary 280 years. But started out as a story of many new small growers in the mid-1800s evolved into one of the most exciting coffee origins in the world. Read more


For as long as can be remembered, the UK led the world in tea trends, consumption methods, and products. Today, with the decline of black tea consumption, the UK follows – not leads – the trends. Read more


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Several stories this week proclaim that “inflation is coming for your coffee too”. Here’s one link from Nasdaq.

Major coffee company Julius Meinl outlines the steps its taking toward sustainability in its “Together: Sustainability Report”

Timeout magazine reports Starbucks introduces returnable tumblers for takeaway coffee in Tokyo.

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SCA’s US show is always set in stone on the STiR events calendar. As soon as we get the dates, we start planning as you can see from our events calendar where we already list SCA shows in Boston in 2022, Portland in 2023, and Chicago in 2024.

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