Observational health data from a half million adults in the United Kingdom suggests that drinkers of black tea live a little longer than their peers who do not drink tea. And they live longer even if they add milk or sugar. Read more


Russia's invasion of Ukraine has devastated cities, towns and villages, driving seven million people from their homes. These internal refugees lack access to essential services like safe drinking water and electricity Read more


The Green Coffee Company became the largest owner of coffee farms in Colombia following major acquisitions of land earlier this year. Read more


Sorting out specialty coffee beans takes time and human effort, but a new approach could enable real-time sorting during the production process. Read more


The coffee industry should keep an eye on Kazakhstan. Its GDP is by far the highest in Central Asia, and Kazakhs enjoy annual incomes of $30,000 in purchasing power terms, above the level in China, according to 2019 IMF figures. Read more


A record-breaking 12-week heat wave in China has defoliated millions of tea bushes, halting the summer tea harvest across the central and southwestern regions. Read more


Colombia’s first left-of-center president ever, Gustavo Petro, was sworn in on August 12, and already his first major piece of legislation is facing blowback from the nation's iconic coffee industry. Read more


Bangladesh tea workers ended a nationwide strike after the prime minister ordered garden owners to increase daily wages by 50 takas. Read more


In the daily operations of Sri Lanka’s second-biggest export industry, the gravity of the nation’s crisis is illustrated both figuratively and literally. Read more


The world's largest tea company is relaunching a line of its top blends to herald its ambition to lead the industry in sustainability. Read more


Coffee leaf rust, or Hemileia vastatrix, is a fungal disease that afflicts coffee trees throughout much of the world. Read more


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Brazil’s Cup of Excellence contest has begun pre-selection and will announce final results at the end of October.

A 7-pound (3.2-kilogram) lot of geisha coffee sold for some $42,000 in a recent auction by Panama’s Lamastus Family Estates.

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Labor will honor four tea gardens among 30 businesses to be given green factory awards this year.

A TV period drama about the tea industry in the 1950s, “Gold Leaf," (茶金) won the most nominations for Taiwan’s best series in 2022.

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It’s really horrible that some poor coffee souls suffering from “long Covid” also have parosmia, a spooky and unfair condition which switches the wondrous aroma of coffee into a smell from hell.

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