When someone says Panama, the free association word has for time immemorial been "canal." Now it is associated with the height of luxury, the $250 cup of coffee. Read more


Adaptive Bagging

ACMA T4 Modula. Photo courtesy ACMA

Modern tea bagging lines are marvels of  ingenuity; compact and complex machines that perform a seemingly simply task. Read more


Organic Coffee Certification in China


Organic coffees and teas are on the upswing in China. But it’s not all a walk in the park. There are still issues to tackle. Read more


Analysts predict a recovery in global coffee prices in 2020 due to declining production and some hoarding in Vietnam. Read more


Dan Bolton,STiR managing editorPoint of View:

Retaining Tea’s Healthy Halo

Tests for food safety do not assess plastic leachate from tea bags under electron microscopes with resolutions millions of times greater than conventional microscopes. Those tests are underway. No one really knows if these very, very small micro- and nano-particles when ingested in small amounts are harmless but researchers calculate the average person ingests hundreds of thousands of particles a year from food, air and some types of tea bags. “That’s a non-trivial dose.”

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