When developing a capsule filling machine whose aim is to enhance performance and efficiency, you need to evaluate a variety of aspects starting from the concept and the design phase. This is exactly the way IMA coffee packaging approached the task. Read more

As coffee has played a huge role in its past, El Salvador looks to the world’s favorite drink to help save its future. Read more


Business was good at GoCoffeeGo, a San Francisco-based online coffee sales platform. Then, the Covid-19 pandemic arrived and suddenly sales skyrocketed. Read more


Instant coffees and teas are becoming cool - cool in how they are now being processed - in contrast to the long-established high-heat, big-freeze, and heavy-pressures methods. Read more


David and Gaïna Dávila are the founders and co-owners of Dávila Kafe in Washington, D.C., which specializes in coffees from Haiti and Nicaragua. The couple are coffee ambassadors for the underrepresented origins that are their families’ homes. Read more


Sample Roaster Standouts

Credit: Roest Coffee AS

Sample roasters, including portable machines, are important professional tools, but they are also making some inroads in small cafés. STiR talks to three suppliers. Read more

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Tea Sourcing Will Never Be the Same

Photo courtesy KDHP Tea Estate

Covid-19 has forever changed the tea-buying landscape all over the world. Read more


Coffee Processing Primer: Differentiation and Value-Added Distinction

Photo by Kelleigh Stewart/Big Island Coffee Roasters

Processing is an area of rapid evolution in coffee and where a great deal of innovation and experimentation are taking place. Read more


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As COVID-19 continues to rampage through parts of the world, the coffee and tea industries are pivoting as quickly as possible to business models that will help them survive this unprecedented and unpredictable time.

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