Bangladesh's tea production has been on a roller coaster ride this year. Following a sharp decline caused by a tea workers strike in August, favorable weather helped push monthly yields in September and October to record highs. Read more


Burundi’s first-ever private auction of specialty coffee, titled Grand Cru Burundi, will debut on December 8. Read more


Shizuoka Prefecture, famed for its tea, has been hosting the triennial World O-CHA (Tea) Festival since 2001. The two-part event features spring and autumn sessions, and this year's edition, the 8th, attracted more than 150,000 visitors. Read more


Despite economic pressure driven by the lingering Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges, the world's biggest coffee companies continue to grow their sales. But profit margins and net income have come under pressure. Read more


Great news: demand for top-quality coffee is on a roll in every region of the world. Not-so-great news: coffee production is diminishing, and places suitable for cultivation will shrink drastically over the next three decades. Read more


The price of coffee declined for the eighth consecutive month in October, as the global supply forecast trended up amid weaker economic conditions that dampened the demand outlook. Read more


The Covid-19 pandemic created a windfall for Nepal’s tea industry, as prices jumped 40% on Asian demand. Read more


Automatic equipment manufacturer, IMA Group recently consolidated its leading role within the coffee industry by opening the IMA Coffee LAB at its facilities located at IMA Coffee Petroncini headquarters in northern Italy. Read more


Melodea, a sustainable packaging startup based in Israel, plans to expand its market presence in North America and South America by producing in the United States via a toll manufacturing arrangement. Read more


The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) will expand orthodox production at 10 of its 12 factories, supported by $6 million in new government financing. Read more


Darjeeling made the news in September, unfortunately, in reports that nearly 50% of the tea gardens here were up for sale. Many estates were said to be bankrupt. Read more


Coffee production is an important sector in the economic life of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. In all four countries the industry is characterized by unorganized, small-scale farming. Read more


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Brazil’s 2023 coffee crop appears unlikely to top this year’s harvest, according to a Reuters report.

Tea planters in India’s West Bengal state complain about slow dispersal of central government subsidies, according to the Telegraph India newspaper.

The SCA is trialing the next iteration of its cupping protocols.

Nespresso announced a new range of paper-based home compostable capsules.

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Sri Lanka is showing how in times of crisis a core industry can function as a de facto national institution. The tea supply chain, like other sectors, is beset by the economy’s current problems.

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