Big Investment for Molecular Coffee



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"Real" coffee?

Just another artificial concoction. The claim that they are sustainable and avoid deforestation is a fairy tale as mentioned in the other comments. They receive a ton of money, while the farmers, who break their backs to grow good coffee, never receive what they deserve, this makes angry a very, very sad. This type of ventures hurt humanity and nature.

Gazy Kattan more than 3 years ago

molecular coffee

what a sad news item... how about investing $9 million in developing small farmer resilience to climate change? any claim to sustainability is a joke when bets are placed on coffee farming and coffee farmers becoming wholly unviable in the future. Remember those people on whose backs we've built this industry? how about we abandon them altogether? they already are the smallest part of the coffee value chain.

felipe more than 3 years ago

Inadequate product name

only 21% of the coffee worldwide is produced on large estate over 50hectares, 60% is produced by smallholder farms well under 5 hectares, heavily relying on coffee farming as main or unique source of income for themselves and their family ... the statement that it is made in the name of fighting deforestation is being dishonest or rather hypocrite with the consumers ...they had to find a " sustainable reason " no matter what to make it" sound" good for the planet .
For the sake of the coffee industry and coffee drinkers they should change the product name , as it is illegitimate (for not having coffee in it)to " coffee flavored beverage" or "coffee like " beverage ,or "engineered coffee flavored beverage "but they should not be allowed to market it as" coffee".
It is hard enough for small and medium producers around the world to survive not to add this type of hybrid lab black liquid in the market.

Genevieve Kappler more than 3 years ago

Cost to produce

Very interesting concept - what is the cost to produce? It will never totally replace "real" coffee though if it requires coffee waste to produce it.

Bradley | more than 3 years ago

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