Honest Tea Is Reborn in India



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Tea doing well then.......

In late 2012, Starbucks stated that it would pay $620 million in cash to buy the company.[6] Three class-action lawsuits were commenced by shareholders of Teavana concerning the Starbucks buyout; these were settled on December 14, 2012 (subject to court approval).[7] The acquisition of Teavana by Starbucks was formally closed on December 31, 2012.[2][8] On July 27, 2017, Starbucks announced it would close all 379 Teavana stores by 2018, partly due to underperformance. By 2018, Honest Tea was available at 140,000 retail outlets in the United States, from neighborhood grocers to big box stores. Honest tea was the top selling RTD tea in more than 15,000 natural food stores at its peak distribution. Hmmm.......strange can spot a pattern here. No natural demise here tea is very popular both these companies bought by a coffee and a soft drinks company and wound down.

Ian McIntosh 231 days ago

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