The Stubbornly Stagnant Price of Tea



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".....apparent consumption outpaced production in 2022, leading to a shortfall of approximately 350,000 metric tons."

I'd like to see the data behind this assertion!

Jem McDowall 153 days ago


I checked the ITC stats. Production outpaced consumption by about 250,000 tonnes last year (2021). That has closed a little in 2022 but in NO WAY has consumption outpaced production in the last 50 years, and certainly not by 350,000 tonnes. I think there has been a misunderstanding in the interview.

Jem McDowall 153 days ago


You and Mr. Bolton seem to be in agreement. He says "apparent" consumption. And he emphasizes: "But that's on paper." And then Mr. Gibbs goes on to say that surplus tea is being held in stock.

STC reader 152 days ago

Not really

Doesn't change the fundamental fact that production (regardless of where it is being held) is HIGHER than (apparent) consumption. That is in black and white in the ITC own publication and is recognised across the world.

Jem McDowall 151 days ago

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