CDC: Indoor Restaurant Dining Poses Risk



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China Flu and restaurants article

Question for the "researchers": of the 154 whoich tested positive, what was the severity of their symptoms, in other words, hw SICK were they or did they get? If they are like all the folks I know who have had it, they probably could not tell whether they had a cold or seasonal flu, or were just tired for a few days.
They then, toward the end, added the little factoid that above 40% of those testing positive had been exposed to KNOWN positive cases, mostly relatives. So if 71% reprted dining out, and 45% reported known exposure what REALLY is the risk incurred from dining out? The study DId admit there was no distinctioin between inside and outdoor dining. FUrther question: where ELSE had the 154 been that the 150 had not? Riding a bus, party at the beach, participating in riots/demonstrations, what else?
And one more important question: did the labs run any serology tests to determine vitamin D levels in the blood of the entire sample?
SDS are famous for taking a few titbits of data, massaging them and coming up with their "suggestions" that eating in restaurants "might be dangrous". They need to fill in a wole lot of blanks before making such declaratioins. The reaction to the disease has been worse than the disease itself. And CDC drive that.

Tionico more than 3 years ago

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