Rainer Schulz, former c.e.o. of the global REHAU Group, has been elected unanimously to Bühler Group’s board of directors. Read more

Coffee Report

Several coffee firms announced promotions and a changing of the guard at the first of the year. Read more


Bühler is building the world’s most advanced coffee processing plant. The facility, constructed for Norwegian coffee producer Joh. Johannson, combines innovative roasting technology with record low greenhouse gas emissions. Read more


Shop-Size Roasters

Photo courtesy @paolopennimartellicycling

The growth of specialty coffee has turned many consumer connoisseurs into roasters seeking to make a perfect cup. As a result, more small roaster units are being sold. Read more

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Bühler earned $2.46 billion last year “a healthy performance” up 3% for the year, according to the company. Revenue declined 4% in 2015. Read more


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