Nestlé recently debuted a compact coffee-roasting machine that baristas can use in the coffee shop. Read more


Baristas are spiking coffee with cannabidiol oil, a hemp-based extract that is not intoxicating yet is alleged to have health benefits. It does not appear to be illegal but CBD is catching the attention of the US Food and Drug Administration. Read more


Following the lead of other coffee industry organizations, the Barista Guilds of America and Europe have merged to become one unified organization. Read more

Coffee Report

Barista champions from more than 60 nations are coming to Seoul in 2017 to compete for the title of “World Barista Champion.” Read more


A new documentary film by Roland Fraval follows Sasa Sestic from humble beginnings in war-torn Yugoslavia to his adopted home in Australia where he begins a remarkable journey to the 2015 World Barista Championships in Seattle. Read more

Coffee Report

Kammie Hui, training manager at a premier espresso café in Hong Kong, and chief judge at the FHA Barista Challenge 2016, a part of the upcoming Food&HotelAsia2016, shares key must-haves for aspiring baristas. Read more


STiR Tea & Coffee International caught up with Beth Ann Caspersen shortly after the Saveur du Kivu in June. Read how her coffee and leadership skills were tested in this first ever specialty coffee competition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read more


Two controversial announcements have taken the coffee social media world by storm this season. Read more


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