Pepsi recently announced it is bringing a new cola/coffee beverage, Pepsi Cafè, to US store shelves in April 2020. The new soft drink will contain double the caffeine of its regular cola. Read more

Coffee Report

New research analysis highlights what many athletes have believed for years. Taking caffeine before exercise may improve performance. Read more

Coffee Report

Two recent deaths from an overdose of caffeine prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April to issue a new guidance. FDA is now soliciting comments. Read more


A new research study shows a positive link between caffeine consumption by older women and dementia. Read more


Devon-based Leane Bramhall launches Kineta, a luxury organic matcha tea brand designed to help coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts. Read more

Tea Report

Could caffeine help cure jet lag? Evidence from new study suggests so. Read more

Coffee Report

Consumer watchdog agency in the United States warns caffeine powder distributors about dosing dangers due to confusing product labels. Read more

Coffee Report

  • dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

    khlongwangchao -

    dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

  • Coffee preparation

    Photographer:Arkady Chubykin Arkady Chubykin - Fotolia

    Coffee preparation

    The coffee preparation in a white sand

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