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A Geisha grown in Costa Rica in July brought a record $300 per pound at the Cup of Excellence auction. more


Everything we see, taste, and feel is an intricate blend of chemicals. Like a primeval alphabet, they’re the fundamental units that define everything in the natural order. Coffee is no exception. more


Cascara is a new beverage brewing in indie and chain coffee shops.  Although consumed primarily as a tea, it is made from the hulls of coffee berries. more

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Xeltron’s high-velocity PCB boards employ cutting-edge technology, increasing performance and diminishing the mortality rate, lowering overall the downtime of the machines. more


The import battle between India and Vietnam appears to have come to an end. Multiple sources report that both countries have canceled bans issued in early March. more

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The Kenyan coffee industry continues its efforts to combat thieves who steal coffee beans to sell on the black market. more

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Robusta shortfall in Brazil

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Solubles manufacturers in the world’s largest robusta producing country may be forced to import coffee. more


When green coffee heading for the United States didn’t arrive on time, news quickly spread. Hanjin Shipping Co. had filed for bankruptcy stranding ships at sea. The news was a clear indication that the global shipping industry was facing a crisis. more

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Coffee processors constantly look for ways to preserve the quality of their beans while reducing water use and saving labor costs. Equipment manufacturers work with them to develop machinery to help the cause. more


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