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As the world watches a dramatic plunge in coffee prices, the worst decline in more than a decade, losses in the coffee lands are mounting.  Exporting coffee no longer appeals financially, making domestic markets increasingly important. Read more


Starbucks borrowed $1 billion on behalf of ethical and sustainable coffee growers. The third and largest in a series of bonds attracted investors favorably impressed with returns from smaller offerings in 2016 and 2017. Read more


Dozens of desirable specialty coffees that proliferate in Thailand are unavailable elsewhere. What will it take for these brands to “go international” and how can the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) assist? Read more

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Not long ago, you couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee in the world’s most famous specialty coffee-producing country. Colombia is reclaiming its coffee riches. Read more


Land restitution is an administrative nightmare as 14,000 decommissioned rebels seek social and economic integration. Reclaiming the men just may be more immediately do-able than reclaiming the land. Read more


Dealing direct describes a business relationship in which roasters meet individual growers face to face, exchange cash and bypass brokers and import/export agents. Read more


Sustainability is a goal that many industries, countries, institutions, and governments have been working toward with increasing intensity for the past two decades. But what does it really mean? Read more


Brazil Bets on Specialty Conilon

Photo byHarley Kalk da Silva (courtesy of Venturim Farm)

New clonals, post-harvest fermentation techniques, and better processing methods are some of the tools now used to produce high-quality conilon coffees in Brazil. Read more

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Starbucks has a new plan to support Colombian coffee growers. Working with the United States Agency for International Development, the retail giant intends to train and support 1,000 farmers in areas battered by political conflict. Read more

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