Coffee Leaf Rust

Leaf Rust Danger Grows

T Photo courtesy World Coffee Research

The coffee industry is struggling in its battle to eradicate coffee leaf rust and a concerted effort is required to protect coffee trees in many countries, according to World Coffee Research. Read more


Leaf Rust Hits Lempira Plant

Photo courtesy Salvador Urritea / World Coffee Research

Lempira, a dominant coffee variety in Honduras, is no longer resistant to coffee leaf rust, according to the non-profit World Coffee Research. The organization announced the finding May 12. Read more

Coffee Report

A University of Exeter study suggests a “perfect storm” of bad weather and decreased use of fertilizers led to the rapid expansion of Coffee Leaf Rust (Roya) in Central America. Read more

Coffee Report

Starbucks introduces a One Tree for Every Bag program which plant a rust-resistant coffee tree for every bag of coffee sold. So far the program has raised enough funds to plant 18 million trees in the past 18 months. Read more

Coffee Report

Coffee Report June 2015

Photo: John Serrao

The agriculture minister of Peru touted the progress farmers are making in recovering from the latest coffee leaf rust crisis while on a trade promotion tour in the United States. Read more

Coffee Report

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