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Kraft Heinz Canada acquired the British Colombia-based company in September. more

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Keep It Clean

Photo by Rob Hoos, Nossa Familia

Commercial roasting equipment is not only a significant investment, it’s the central tool for the craft. When your livelihood depends on roasting hundreds or thousands of pounds of coffee to exacting standards, maintaining your roaster is essential. more


dry coffee beans in farmer hand at plantation

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Logistics are critical but not a core element that interferes with direct trade agreements, so long as transactions are transparent. more


Solar roaster helps farmers

Photo courtesy Compradre

Compadre, a coffee startup based in Lima, Peru, receives top honors from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for its Solar Hybrid Coffee Roaster. more

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Loring unveiled a new smaller capacity roaster to meet the growing demand for coffee shop and retail roasters. more


A second Neuhaus Neotec roaster is being added to Gruppo Gimoka’s operations as the company expands its capacity. more


Löfbergs roasteries intends to reduce its climate impact 40% by 2020. By blending its liquid petroleum gas (LPG) with bio LPG, the company’s roasters already are operating cleaner. more

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A strong spirit binds the coffee folks in Houston. It’s a Texas trait. Specialty roasters paved the way for Houstonians to enjoy a delicious cup. And, Hurricane Harvey certainly tested their resilience. more


Shop-Size Roasters

Photo courtesy @paolopennimartellicycling

The growth of specialty coffee has turned many consumer connoisseurs into roasters seeking to make a perfect cup. As a result, more small roaster units are being sold. more

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Farmer Bros. New Texas-Sized Roastery

Photo courtesy Farmer Bros.

Strategic move from Los Angeles to Texas paves the way for continued growth. more


The Löfbergs Group, a leading Swedish coffee roaster, announced it will begin operations in Canada. more

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International Machine Service recently introduced a smaller version of its popular RDRF series with capacities from 50 kilos up to 500 kilos of green coffee per hour. more


Philz Coffee secures expansion capital

Photo courtesy Philz Coffee

San Francisco Bay Area roaster/retailer Philz Coffee plans to open new stores throughout the United States. It now has another $45 million to make it happen. more

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The IKAWA PRO is an electric sample roaster in 120v and 220v versions that is drawing praise from European roasters. more


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