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The US continues to lead global coffee shop innovation across quality and product development, with Allegra World Coffee Portal recording healthy annual outlet growth of 3.8% in a fiercely competitive market. Read more


Latte Levy’s Unintended Toll

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A proposed tax on disposable paper cups with plastic linings would stop one in three coffee drinkers from visiting a British coffee shop, according to a poll. Read more


The tea-dominated culture of Britain, marked by stability and standardized brands, is now among the most dynamic coffee markets in the world, driven by specialty brewing and growth in locations. Read more


Nestlé’s decision to purchase the perpetual rights to market Starbucks consumer and foodservice brands globally, outside the company’s coffee shops, was a bold move on the chessboard of global coffee. Read more


A seismic shift is underway not in the tea rooms but in coffee shops where tea is no longer looking like a sad, stagnant status quo, but rather an inspiring blank canvas of possibility. Read more


British coffee and tea consumers spend £2,210 on average each year in coffee shops, according to a recent online market research study. Read more

Coffee Report

Initially used for verification of samples in the cupping lab, the role of bench roasters has expanded with each new coffee wave. Read more

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