Colombia Coffee Growers Federation

Colombian officials want to increase coffee production by 30% and they are looking to a strife-torn southern region of the country for more beans. Read more

Coffee Report

Innovative Crop Insurance Comes to Colombia

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Blue Marble and Nespresso are bringing weather-indexed microinsurance to coffee-growers in Caldas, Colombia. For many, it’s their first opportunity to obtain crop insurance. Read more


A new Colombian coffee harvesting machine optimizes selective cherry picking by 50%. Read more


The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation plans to bypass the coffee commodities market and establish a price floor of $1.50 per pound to ensure Colombian growers recover their cost of producing approximately 15% of the world’s coffee. Read more


Importer David Griswald and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation will be recipients of the Coffee Quality Institute’s (CQI) 2018 Leadership Medal of Merit. Read more

Coffee Report

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation c.e.o. Roberto Vélez is championing a new forum for coffee producers. Read more


The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation launches a campaign to highlight the fact that groundbreaking accomplishments are the result of many small steps—especially when it comes to 100% Colombian coffee. Read more



Miguel Angel Bonilla Films

Economist Roberto Vélez was recently elected by unanimous vote to lead the 550,000 families that comprise the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. He talks with STiR editor Dan Bolton in this edition of Q&A. Read more


Roberto Velez Vallejo is unanimously elected to head Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) Read more

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