The Colombian government is setting aside $34 million to help coffee farmers affected by lower prices on the international market. The move is endorsed by the country’s coffee growers federation. more

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World Coffee Producers' Forum calls on roasters to urgent discussions after the International Coffee Organization’s composite indicator falls to a 12-year low. more


The Italian coffee company is taking steps to improve coffee production in the department of Cauca, Colombia, an area where former rebel forces live. more

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Sustainability is a goal that many industries, countries, institutions, and governments have been working toward with increasing intensity for the past two decades. But what does it really mean? more


The World Coffee Producers Forum, which held its first event in Medellin in July 2017 has decided to take the huge success of that global gathering to the next level. more


The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation has now planted 78% of its coffee lands in disease-resistant stock. more


Juan Valdez Cafés

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Establishing a global chain of Juan Valdez shops has been a project for the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers for years. Now in its third incarnation, the chain once again is ready to take on the world. more


Global stakeholders from across the supply chain will meet in Huila, Colombia, Sept. 20-24 for the latest edition of Let’s Talk Coffee. more

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Starbucks has a new plan to support Colombian coffee growers. Working with the United States Agency for International Development, the retail giant intends to train and support 1,000 farmers in areas battered by political conflict. more

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Nature and Society in Sacred Balance

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The Arhuaco people of Colombia are one of four indigenous groups of coffee producers whose sustainable practices go well beyond marketing strategies. Maintaining balance with nature is their life philosophy, their cultural identity. more



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Colombia’s only tea garden Te Hindu lies at altitudes of between 1,750 and 1,950 meters in the mountains of Valle del Cauca in western Colombia. more

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Colombia on the Cusp of Peace

Photo by Larry Luxner

Colombia is anxiously looking forward to peace that will restore prosperity to vast tracts of its coffee lands. more


Sandalj Trading Company presented a Colombian coffee grown and processed by women at HOST 2015 in Milan, Italy. This is a collaboration between the importer and the Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras del Cauca of the Cauca region of Colombia. more

Coffee Report named Salento, Colombia as a must-try place in its Foodie’s Guide to the Globe. more

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Economist Roberto Vélez was recently elected by unanimous vote to lead the 550,000 families that comprise the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. He talks with STiR editor Dan Bolton in this edition of Q&A. more


Roberto Velez Vallejo is unanimously elected to head Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) more

Production levels predicted to be highest in 20 years in Colombia. more

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Manufacturing soluble coffee is a growing, profitable and important market stabilizer for coffee producing nations. more


Securing the Future

Photo courtesy Nespresso AAA - Caldas by Cafeeport 2015


Coffee Report June 2015

Photo Courtesy of BIOS

Marco Cristancho started a new position in January that takes him out of Colombia's national coffee science research center. However, he will continue answering tough coffee questions in his new role at BIOS. more

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  • Salento, Colombia, foodie hotspot

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    Salento is one of the more famous and picturesque towns of the coffee region. Set high on a hill over cloud forests and coffee plantations, Salento is known for its colonial buildings and colourful facades.

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