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Five lots received jury scores of 90 or higher during recent judging of Mexican-grown coffees in the Cup of Excellence program organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. Read more

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Cup of Excellence in-country partner Anacafé set a bidding minimum of $3.50 per pound for coffee scoring at least 85 points following Guatemala’s 16th national competition. Read more

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The Cup of Excellence, known for its green bean auctions around the world, marks its 20th anniversary in October with a celebration and competition in Larvas, Brazil, the site of the original event. Read more

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A Geisha grown in Costa Rica in July brought a record $300 per pound at the Cup of Excellence auction. Read more


A blind cupping by 16 of the best Cup of Excellence judges in the world awarded a complex Brazilian natural all-time record score of 93.60. The coffee from Fazenda Camocim was the first coffee produced by biodynamic methods to ever win the top prize. Read more

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Cup of Excellence judges awarded top honors to women for an unprecedented 10 lots of Brazilian coffee in 2017. Read more


Peru, in its first-ever Cup of Excellence, set a record for an overall price per pound during the most recent auction. In all, 19 lots were sold at an average $21.13 per pound. Read more

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Darrin Daniel - Alliance for Coffee Excellence

Photo by Dan Shryock

Darrin Daniel assumed leadership of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence in January. He recently met with STiR in ACE’s new offices in Portland, Oregon, to talk about the Alliance’s restored direction and its plans for the future. Read more


Darrin Daniel, a 25-year coffee industry veteran, was recently named executive director of Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. Read more

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Photo by Dan Bolton/StiR Tea & Coffee

Specialty coffee roasters around the globe spent a record R $1.4 million (US $365,000) last week on the best of Brazil’s 2014/15 arabica harvest. Read more


Are coffee competitions financially sustainable? Announcements by two prominent trade organizations suggest no, at least not under current models. Read more

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