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All the tea from China will be taxed at least 10% if the Trump Administration carries through on its threat to impose a $300 billion round of tariffs effective Sept. 1. Read more

Tea Report

The US tea industry drew a collective sigh of relief following President Donald Trump’s late-June decision to postpone levying tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese goods. Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to a resumption of trade negotiations. Read more

Tea Report

Import taxes could conceivably cost Americans $135 billion. America’s “get tough on China” stance has its fans, but no one interviewed favors adding 25% to the cost of importing Chinese tea. Read more

Tea Report

Canada levies a 10% surtax on a large selection of U.S. products - including coffee - in response to U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs. Read more


The company expresses concern for members planning to attend events in the United States. Read more

Coffee Report


Joshua Trujillo Starbucks

Howard Schultz issues statement detailing actions following the United States' immigration ban. Read more

Coffee Report

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