October event reflects the growth market for sustainable trade in coffee, cocoa, and tea more


Blockchain vendor Ambrosus Technologies and trade group Swiss Coffee Alliance are teaming to bring technology to the aid of local coffee farmers around the world. more

Coffee Report

Tracking a seed from farm to cup seems simple. But documenting every step is quite complicated. Now consider blends that mix coffee from hundreds of growers from multiple origins in differing ratios for recipes that vary by season. more


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Farmers First Coffee Company photo

Levanta Coffee is changing its name to better reflect its commitment to coffee farmers. The company is now Farmers First Coffee Company. more

Coffee Report

Sainsbury’s announcement that it is bringing oversight of its sustainable sourcing in-house has alarmed many supporters of the Fair Trade, UZI, the Rainforest Alliance, and organic certification schemes. more

Tea Report

The concept of “disruption” isn’t limited to the high-tech industry. Just ask Ahmed Rahim, co-founder of Numi Organic Tea. more


Hong Peng is responsible for one of China's largest Fair Trade certified tea cooperatives. A graduate of the Wuyuan Tea School and an expert on organic agriculture, Peng was first in China to export organic certified Chinese tea to the West. more


Technified coffee undergoes renewed scrutiny in research conducted at the University of Kansas. more

Coffee Report

Organic certification was a relatively new concept when Stassen Bio Garden recognized its importance both to the planet and to the economy. It was 1987, and the tea estate made the decision to certify one of its tea gardens. more


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