Non-profit AVPA, an organization that hosts competitions throughout France, conducted its first Teas of the World competition in June. Winners will be announced in July. Read more

Tea Report

To mark its 150th anniversary, Kusmi Tea has launched a new tea called Karavane No. 50 packaged in a 500g gold lacquered box. Read more

Tea Report

Unilever is scaling up production of its T.O by Lipton capsule tea brewer. The brewer is available in France where it has enjoyed enthusiastic consumer response. Read more


In spite of their shared borders, the coffee practices and culture of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are very different. Read more


The Barista Guild of Europe announces update to cancellation policy for CoLab: Paris, and proceeds with running the event. Read more

Coffee Report

France’s tea market value is high with 30% by volume marketed by specialty tea companies that quadruple the import price through marketing special blends and unique packages. France imports a large selection of the world’s outstanding specialty teas. Read more


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