Nespresso released its first Puerto Rican coffee this week as part of its Riving Origins program. The rare coffee, Cafecito de Puerto Rico, was produced in cooperation with the Hispanic Federation to help restore the island’s coffee crop. Read more

Coffee Report

Hurricane Maria’s ripped away most of Puerto Rico’s coffee trees in September 2017. Now there’s a concerted effort to revive the nation’s industry and help the nation’s recovery efforts. Read more

Coffee Report

Coffee comfort was all that many shops could offer in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Florence. Read more


A strong spirit binds the coffee folks in Houston. It’s a Texas trait. Specialty roasters paved the way for Houstonians to enjoy a delicious cup. And, Hurricane Harvey certainly tested their resilience. Read more


Houston after Harvey

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain on Houston in late August but the catastrophic storm did not dampen the regional coffee industry. Port Houston and area coffee warehouses indicate the import supply chain slowed but did not break. Read more


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