Business operations ceased in late October for San Francisco-based Teforia Co., makers of a line of expensive smart infusers for fine tea. Read more

Tea Report

Teforia Company has announced its partnership with world-famous green tea brand Yamamotayama. Read more

Tea Report

After the introduction and success of nitro coffee, it was only a matter of time before innovators began experimenting with nitro tea. Now glasses, mugs, goblets, and beakers of the foaming concoction are appearing on retail counters in big US cities Read more


Melbourne based Cha Cha has developed a range of exciting fruit infusions and tea concentrates that are designed to pour over ice with sparkling water, or to create colorful lattes by adding to steamed milk. Read more

Tea Report


Laurie Frankel

Teforia brewer blends centuries of tea knowledge with modern science. Utilizing proprietary selective infusion process technology and environmentally-conscious packaging, Teforia automatically determines the best brewing method for each tea. Read more


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