instant tea

Instant tea has suffered a long slide in sales which is why the US tea industry is paying close attention to former market leader Nestea, a brand dating to 1948 and known to 89% of US consumers. Read more


Globally conventional freeze-, vacuum-, and spray-dried instant teas are experiencing strong growth throughout Asia and in developing countries. Read more


Flavourtech revolutionized the manufacture of soluble and RTD coffee and tea products by developing several patented technologies that preserve the full aroma and taste of the beverage. Read more


Haelssen_Lyon_Scheffler 2_photo credit Mike Schaefer-1000.jpg

Photo by Mike Schaefer

Dietmar Scheffler, managing director of Hälssen & Lyon, one of the world’s leading tea companies, is a close observer of current developments and international consumption patterns in the global tea trade. Read more


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