Bellwether Coffee, which markets a fully electric micro-roaster, attracted $40 million in second round funds in September from a half dozen “clean tech” investors. Read more


The European Union has invested $16.6 million to support efforts to improve Ethiopia’s competitive in the coffee sector. Read more

Coffee Report

Starbucks says it will commit $100 million to Valor Equity Partners, which has established Valor Siren Ventures to explore new ideas and retail technologies “relevant to customers, inspiring to partners, and meaningful to Starbucks business.” Read more


The Yield Uganda Investment Fund recently put its money behind coffee. Read more

Coffee Report

Nespresso is committing to Zimbabwe’s coffee industry with a long-term investment to boost the rural economy. Read more

Coffee Report

Cold brew manufacturer High Brew, founded in 2013 by Sweet Leaf Tea founder David Smith, announced an additional $20 million round of investments. The round was led by Austin, Tex.-based Charles Street Partners. Read more

Coffee Report

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe has acquired majority control of Seattle-based Atlas Coffee Importers and will make it a subsidiary of the worldwide green trading company. Read more

Coffee Report

A third of survey respondents “invest” more of their money in coffee than their annual spend for stocks, bonds, and other moneymaking vehicles. Read more

Coffee Report

Hong Kong and trade ministers from the 10-member Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in November signed two remaining free trade investment deals putting in place the last elements of a decade-long effort to lower trade barriers. Read more


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