Kenya Tea Development Agency

A bounty of tea has not benefitted industrious Kenyan growers. Prices declined 18.6% as revenue through June declined to $7.1 billion (Ksh69.7 billion) compared with $8.8 billion (Kh85.7 billion) the previous year. Read more

Tea Report

Annah Bisieri, a tea farmer in Kenya’s western Kisii county, had contracted with the Kenya Tea Development Agency for more than 30 years until 2010 when she opted for alternatives ways to market her tea. Read more


The Kenya Tea Development Agency Management Services, Unilever, and IDH recently concluded a collaborative initiative to improve the livelihood of thousands of small-scale tea farmers. Read more

Tea Report

The Kenya Tea Development Agency launches an initiative to train smallholder farmers in soil management, use of fertilizers, business skills, financial management, and farm management, in order to help improve tea yields. Read more

Tea Report

International beverage company Mars Drinks runs a Mars Ambassador Program to encourage Mars Associates to assist people in communities around the world who support the business by adhering to the company’s “responsibility” principle. Read more

Tea Report

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