Singapore Myanmar Investco has secured an exclusive arrangement to develop the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand in Myanmar. more

Coffee Report

Myanmar is increasing its share of the international coffee market and the Mandalay Coffee Group is getting credit for much of that success, according to a recent report in the Myanmar Times. more

Coffee Report

Cuppers recently assessed 72 Myanmar specialty coffee samples using SCA cupping protocols in a competition format established by the Coffee Quality Institute. more


German specialty tea company Tea Gshwendner is importing 1.5 metric tons of green tea from Shan State in eastern Myanmar (formerly Burma). more

Tea Report

Myanmar has emerged with a reinvigorated entrepreneurial vision after more than six decades of self-imposed isolation by successive military governments. This new enthusiasm for commerce is evident in the emerging coffee industry guided by experts. more


Myanmar’s Arabica Awakening

Photo by Andrew Hetzel, Coffee Quality Institute

Women coffee farmers won both first and second place at Myanmar’s first national cupping competition held in Yangon in July. more


The Myanmar Tea Cluster and the Palaung Tea Association has announced that Germany is now an importer of its specialty black and oolong teas. more

Tea Report

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