Test results of a long-term study confirm that certified compostable coffee pods break down in the Toronto’s green bin food waste process. Read more


Korean-based Coreshtech Co. produces a range of industrial mesh products including biodegradable teabag and coffee filter material as well as machines used to form, fill, seal, and pack tea. Read more


Kentucky Fried Chicken is a global pioneer in edible cutlery introducing a takeaway cup in 2015 and more recently edible ‘Rice Bowlz’ made of tortilla that you can snack on after you finish dinner. Read more


Biodegradable packaging and filter materials were a prominent theme at this year’s COTECA exhibition in Hamburg, with well over a dozen companies showcasing their respective products. But Futamura UK certainly stood out. Read more


Scotland’s Rocket Monkey Coffee Roastery delivers wholesale coffee in re-sealable, reusable tins. Read more


Evoware packaging film is created with a non-chemical process. The film has a two-year shelf life, even without preservatives, is nutritious with high fiber and essential vitamins. Read more

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Home and office delivery of coffee and tea is experiencing unprecedented demand – which brings single-use packaging to the forefront for consumers who want convenience and environmentally responsible containers. Read more


OHKI is a leading Japanese manufacturer of environmentally conscious filter materials. The company uses plant-based materials and embraces a manufacturing philosophy that it calls “sustico” a combination of the words “sustainable” and “ecology.” Read more


  • Hand holding a recycling garbage bin with lots of waste packagin

    ink drop -

    Hand holding a recycling garbage bin with lots of waste packagin

    Hand holding a recycling garbage bin with lots of waste packaging

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