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Probat celebrates its 150th anniversary by hosting a symposium for coffee industry thought leaders. Read more


The Specialty Coffee Association recently announced a new market research study to help roasters and retailers make sound business decisions. Read more

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A major Italian coffee roaster has contracted Spreafico and Sepack to develop three new coffee capsule production lines. Read more


Shanghai Fortunecaffe, Co. is the new exclusive distributor of Loring Smart Roast equipment in China and Hong Kong. Read more

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Initially used for verification of samples in the cupping lab, the role of bench roasters has expanded with each new coffee wave. Read more

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New scholarship honors retiring founder of Diedrich Roasters by providing funds for new roasters to attend annual Roaster Guild retreat. Read more

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Fred Schaeffer is the new president of Canadian roaster Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. His appointment was announced by co-c.e.o.s Michael and Paul Higgins. Read more


If you live in Moscow and have ambitions to roast coffee for your shop, or just want to experiment on a small scale, you can bring your green coffee to Olga Melik–Karakozova and rent a roaster. Read more

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Small roasters can thank the boom in hydraulic fracturing and a resurgence of manufacturing in the United States for renewed scrutiny on air quality standards. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a new standard for ground-level ozone. Read more


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