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Several stories this week proclaim that “inflation is coming for your coffee too”. Here’s one link from Nasdaq.

Major coffee company Julius Meinl outlines the steps its taking toward sustainability in its “Together: Sustainability Report”

Timeout magazine reports Starbucks introduces returnable tumblers for takeaway coffee in Tokyo.

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Point of View:

Travel Envy – Revenge Spending – Production Down in the Top Three!

We are downright envious of all of you who get to travel these days. We get a contact high listening to the detailed step-by-step stories we extract from friends and business colleagues flying here and there around the US, popping in on a crowds-free Venice or snapping pictures on a deserted Acropolis. But we secretly hate your guts! Those of us in beautiful Thailand are stuck here due to lingering Covid-19 restrictions.  We’re not ones to miss many major coffee or tea exhibitions, but leaving Thailand these days means subjecting oneself – upon return here – to a mandatory 14-day, prisoner-in-a-hotel quarantine, and that’s a non-starter as far as travel goes. (And, we have to admit,  there are many worse places to be “stuck” than Thailand.)

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