Cofix expands to Russia

Photo courtesy of Cofix

The coffee chain popular in Israel plans to open 1,000 stores across the country. Read more

Coffee Report

Despite fierce attempts by local businessmen to revive the industry it is hard to conclude things are going well. Still, a few dozen tea-growing companies remain in Sochi. Read more


The tea industry in Sri Lanka has been going through difficult times recently with a decline in tea exports due to decreased demands from the Middle East, Iran, and Russia. Read more

Tea Report

If you live in Moscow and have ambitions to roast coffee for your shop, or just want to experiment on a small scale, you can bring your green coffee to Olga Melik–Karakozova and rent a roaster. Read more

Coffee Report

Coffee Report June 2015

Photo: Ingenium ru

Russia is now the seventh importing member of the International Coffee Organization. Read more

Coffee Report

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