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True Brew

Photo courtesy Araku Coffee

The National Coffee Association defines cold brew as “coffee extracted with water at ambient or cooler temperatures. " First, there was Toddy coffee, then cold brew, and now nitro, what’s next? Read more


Thai Specialty Winners Top $400 Pound

Photo by Sherri Johns/STiR

Results of this year’s Thai Specialty Coffee Awards, a countrywide coffee competition, rivaled well known and marketed global coffee competitions and auctions with a winning bid of $418.48 per pound. Read more


David Hogg, chief agriculture advisor at the Naandi Foundation in India, talks about the Araku Coffe Project, production, and sustainability. Read more


Henry Yeo, founder of Young In Traders, has helped sustain the trend of premium coffee in Asia since 2001. He talks with STiR's Sherri Johns about sourcing, sustainability and more. Read more


Burundian exporter talks with STiR (coffee and tea magazine) about the challenges and opportunities of expanding coffee production and exportation in Rwanda. Read more


Volcanic Ash Covers Prime Guatemala Coffee Lands

Photo courtesy Fincas Verdes - Specialty Coffee and Nature

A massive ash cloud from the Fuego volcano descended on coffee farms to the north and east of San Luca in Antigua forcing thousands of coffee growers to flee. Read more

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Tim Heinze has sourced and graded coffee in Yunnan and the greater Mekong region (Laos & Thailand) since 2009. His insight, experience, and passion provide a glimpse into the growing China coffee opportunities. Read more


China is entering the specialty coffee fray in a big way. The growth of specialty cafés and coffee houses has driven consumption since 1997 when Nestle, followed shortly after by Starbucks, first began investing in developing China's domestic market. Read more

Korea’s specialty coffee market was once influenced solely outside the republic. That time has passed. During the last decade, Korea has transformed into one of the fastest growing specialty coffee markets for consumption and innovation. Read more


A strong spirit binds the coffee folks in Houston. It’s a Texas trait. Specialty roasters paved the way for Houstonians to enjoy a delicious cup. And, Hurricane Harvey certainly tested their resilience. Read more


On a rare sunny Portland dawn, I craved a little sparkle in my morning cup. Venturing into the local Stumptown Coffee Roasters I was delighted to see three varieties of cold coffee. Read more


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