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Not long ago, you couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee in the world’s most famous specialty coffee-producing country. Colombia is reclaiming its coffee riches. more


The island nation struggles with infrastructure and consistency, but the government is keen on a coffee fix. Once done, roasters will have a lot to be excited about as Papua New Guinea returns as a specialty coffee mainstay. more


Starbucks Opens in Italy

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Starbucks opened its much-anticipated Reserve Roastery in Milan, Italy, today to choruses of cheers and critiques. more

Coffee Report

Burundian exporter talks with STiR (coffee and tea magazine) about the challenges and opportunities of expanding coffee production and exportation in Rwanda. more


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Logistics are critical but not a core element that interferes with direct trade agreements, so long as transactions are transparent. more


China is entering the specialty coffee fray in a big way. The growth of specialty cafés and coffee houses has driven consumption since 1997 when Nestle, followed shortly after by Starbucks, first began investing in developing China's domestic market. more

“This business is all about establishing relationships. We are actively trading on behalf of 300 companies, large to small, and some of those relationships are 25 years in the making." more


Korea’s specialty coffee market was once influenced solely outside the republic. That time has passed. During the last decade, Korea has transformed into one of the fastest growing specialty coffee markets for consumption and innovation. more


Creating a New Coffee Culture in Italy

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Millions of espressos are served across Italy every day but few people are drinking single-origin arabica. The Specialty Coffee Association in Italy and a dedicated contingent of importers, roasters and café owners are trying to changing that. more


A strong spirit binds the coffee folks in Houston. It’s a Texas trait. Specialty roasters paved the way for Houstonians to enjoy a delicious cup. And, Hurricane Harvey certainly tested their resilience. more


A seismic shift is underway not in the tea rooms but in coffee shops where tea is no longer looking like a sad, stagnant status quo, but rather an inspiring blank canvas of possibility. more


IMA EC24 Optima tea packaging machine

Photo courtesy of IMA Mai S.A.

In a market saturated with specialty tea and coffee, packaging has never been more important. more


Five years ago Kenya might have wilted under the intense scrutiny of the global specialty coffee community. But Kenya shined during this year’s trek to Seattle as the Global Specialty Coffee Expo’s 2017 portrait country. more


Transparency is an issue for specialty coffee buyers ― less than 10% of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is certified, although much more could qualify if it was not commingled at washing stations and warehouses. more


The world’s two largest specialty coffee associations agree to become one. In the New Year a new era begins. more

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The report estimates the industry generated $225.2 billion in 2015. The industry employs 1.6 million workers and coffee-related economic activity comprises 1.6% of the total US GDP. more


West Coast specialty coffee pioneer and Peerless Coffee and Tea c.e.o. George J. Vukasin, 82, died Feb. 15. more


Vietnam may be home to the smallest of Southeast Asia’s specialty cafe markets but as will see in this month’s report, the mix of indigenous and chain retailers attests to the vibrancy of this segment. more

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