Muskan Khanna, who manages The Studio tea factory, was named Woman Innovator of the Year for her Nilgiri Bamboo tea. Read more

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This new organization launched in April with the goal of enhancing trade and global promotion of premium tea. Read more

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Forecasts for Western Europe tea demand are trending down and much of that is tied with uncertainty about the United Kingdom's expected exit from the European Union. Read more

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Inclement weather has stunted growth and delayed harvest. Experts estimate first flush harvest may drop as much as 20% this year. Read more

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AFS is a small company founded in 2016. It specializes in AI tools that address the lack of understanding of the dynamics of flavors and aromas. Read more

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Tiesta Tea is built on a concept of branding that is directly opposite that of the tea industry norm. Read more

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A $1.5 million upgrade announced by the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) will for the first time automate the world’s highest volume tea auction. Read more

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Susuki Shigehiko is the eighth-generation owner of Marushichi Senchai, a tea wholesaler. It makes the strongest matcha green tea chocolate and gelato that physics makes possible. Read more

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U.S. sanctions imposed to punish Iran have cut demand as traders are scared to transact with Iran for fear of not getting paid as banks shy away from remitting money from the country. Read more

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Demand for high quality and authentic organic Japanese matcha led Sugimoto Tea Company to construct a second factory in Shizuoka, Japan. The factory, which increases production capacity by 50%, opened in February. Read more


Arakai Estate is a small tea garden along the Sunshine Coast that has won the Australian Tea Masters’ Golden Leaf award for three years out of the four that it has harvested tea. Read more

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India withdrew most favored nation trading status with Pakistan immediately following a suicide bombing that killed at least 40 national police and injured hundreds more. India then imposed a 200% duty on any goods imported from Pakistan. Read more


Drones are a powerful tool in the sustainable development to increase global food supply by 70% in the next decade to meet population growth. Read more


The Tea Board of India announces an initiative for small tea growers that five years ago would have seemed a fantasy - a smartphone app. Read more

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An unusually long and intense cold snap in South India caused extensive damage to high-altitude gardens in the Nilgiri mountains. Read more

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The Tea Board of India has formally recognized the state of Tripura as a major tea growing region, awarding status and a logo for what will be known as Tripureshwari Tea. Read more

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Here are two popular teas listed in the Times of India in early January 2019. Read more

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Satemwa Tea Estate, the last family-owned and operated tea company in Malawi has been named on the 2019 list of “Companies to Inspire Africa” by the London Stock Exchange. Read more

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Road signs EU and BREXIT

Cevahir kamasigns -

Regardless of the resolution of the UK’s long Brexit saga, the tea industry will be significantly affected. The main impacts are already apparent. Read more

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Integrating the Transparent Tea Supply Chain Read more


  • Inside a tea factory in Assam. India

    Timur Salikhov timursalikhov -

    Inside a tea factory in Assam. India

    Inside a tea factory in Assam in India

  • Mug with tea

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    Mug with tea

    Mug with tea and tea leaves in the evening cafe

  • Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

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    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine background - can be used for display or montage your text (soft focus at cup)

  • Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Ivan Kruk Ivan Kruk - Fotolia

    Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Cheerful woman in the street drinking morning coffee in sunshine light

  • Fresh Brew Restaurants

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    Fresh Brew Restaurants

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