China’s growing thirst for black and purple tea from Kenya led to a sizeable 5 million kilograms per year agreement this month. Read more

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While the impacts of the inclusion of Chinese tea imports in the U.S. trade war are unclear and the details labyrinthine, one certainty is that there will be tariff evasion. This is a sophisticated, pervasive art form in world trade. Read more


A stuffy tea culture has lost ground to an innovative coffee industry. Sugary drinks from Taiwan are lighting up social media and industry leaders are stacking fruity tea blends onto their menus, marking a revival for Korea and Asia’s tea industries. Read more


The Philippine fast-food giant that purchased Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in July, has expressed an interest in additional mergers or acquisitions in the United States and China. Read more

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A 15% tariff on Chinese tea and coffee imports effective Sept. 1 is proving hard to swallow. Read more

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Irradiation has not yet reached tea but the widespread use of the practice on spices in many blends means that it is already here. Read more

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They are likely to become more and more part of the discussions of tea health and safety, given their growing spread and contamination of more and more areas of the environment, through industrialization. Read more

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India’s tea industry is struggling with low prices, high labor costs, vagaries of the weather and with every passing year, the problems are both recurring and amplifying.  Growers report that 80% of the country’s plantations are not profitable. Read more

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It is winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reports an unusually fierce and damaging frost. The spring harvest, with a prized first flush, is endangered. Read more

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For the first time since the country’s founding, U.S. consumers will pay a 10% tariff on Chinese tea beginning Sept. 1. Read more


Project Tea 2019, a new study released by the Allegra World Coffee Portal, shows an 11% increase in tea sales across the United Kingdom. Demand for premium and loose-leaf tea is driving the increase. Read more

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Continued volatility poses a threat to processed coffees Read more


The United Nations describes the droughts of 2017 across the Eastern and Southern regions and Horn of Africa as the worst in decades. Read more

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The Rainforest Alliance launched the long-awaited Accountability Framework initiative in June. Read more

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The focus of research on the potential health benefits of tea has increasingly moved from the leaf in the cup to extracted biochemical compounds in the test tube. One of these is the “magic molecule” EGCG. Read more

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ACMA Hosts Tea Days for Global Suppliers

Photo courtesy ACMA

Bologna-based ACMA hosted four days of demonstrations and discussions to enhance tea knowledge, sustainability, and innovation. Read more


In the Americas and Europe, vending machines are mostly a convenient point of purchase for foods and beverages that are sold on the supermarket shelf. Read more

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Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide worldwide and the key ingredient in Roundup, the highly effective weed killer. Its effectiveness and impact on tea crop yields are illustrated by the three-year legal ban on its use in Sri Lanka, officiall Read more

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Zhejiang Tea Group recently opened the Transworld Specialty Tea Center, a modern processing facility with a combined capacity of well over 1,000 metric tons of green tea, black tea, oolong, dark tea, and flavored teas. Read more


All the tea from China will be taxed at least 10% if the Trump Administration carries through on its threat to impose a $300 billion round of tariffs effective Sept. 1. Read more

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  • Inside a tea factory in Assam. India

    Timur Salikhov timursalikhov -

    Inside a tea factory in Assam. India

    Inside a tea factory in Assam in India

  • Mug with tea

    Elantseva -

    Mug with tea

    Mug with tea and tea leaves in the evening cafe

  • Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Suttisak -

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine backgr

    Drip Black Coffee vietnamese style on balcony with alpine background - can be used for display or montage your text (soft focus at cup)

  • Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Ivan Kruk Ivan Kruk - Fotolia

    Youth Invigorate US Coffee Consumption

    Cheerful woman in the street drinking morning coffee in sunshine light

  • Fresh Brew Restaurants

    srattha - Fotolia

    Fresh Brew Restaurants

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