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Thailand Tea Organic Mandate

Thai Tea Suwirun Co. Ltd.

Thailand was an early adopter of organic cultivation and has made great strides in producing fine organic teas for export. Read more


Organic Coffee Certification in China


Organic coffees and teas are on the upswing in China. But it’s not all a walk in the park. There are still issues to tackle. Read more


Dozens of desirable specialty coffees that proliferate in Thailand are unavailable elsewhere. What will it take for these brands to “go international” and how can the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) assist? Read more

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SheTrades: Economic Empowerment for Women

Photo by Thomas Schmid/STiR

SheTrades is a global initiative by the International Trade Center. Its mission is to foster the economic power of women by assisting enterprises that hope to gain access to markets and financial services. Read more


Connecting Markets

Photos courtesy Probat-Werke

Probat celebrates its 150th anniversary by hosting a symposium for coffee industry thought leaders. Read more


Biodegradable packaging and filter materials were a prominent theme at this year’s COTECA exhibition in Hamburg, with well over a dozen companies showcasing their respective products. But Futamura UK certainly stood out. Read more



Photo courtesy Hamburg Messe und Congress / Katrin Neuhauser

A  decade of success convinced COTECA organizers to expand the franchise to Asia as the fifth edition in Hamburg, Germany welcomed 3,600 coffee, tea, and cocoa professionals to what turned out to be the most successful show yet. Read more


Flavourtech revolutionized the manufacture of soluble and RTD coffee and tea products by developing several patented technologies that preserve the full aroma and taste of the beverage. Read more


Yunnan: Arabica Supplier to the World?

Yunnan images courtesy of Louis Dreyfus Commodities

As the global market experiences a chronic shortage of quality arabica coffee, cultivation in southwestern China’s Yunnan province is expanding, attracting international buyers and investors. But will it be enough to ease the bottle neck? Read more

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It may seem that the “Yunnan coffee pie” has been pretty much gobbled up by global traders and huge multinational corporations but this is not the case. Read more


Myanmar has emerged with a reinvigorated entrepreneurial vision after more than six decades of self-imposed isolation by successive military governments. This new enthusiasm for commerce is evident in the emerging coffee industry guided by experts. Read more


Australia and New Zealand share a British tea-drinking heritage but their coffee consuming cultures are by no means stagnant. In fact, the recent past has brought on remarkable developments in both countries – at a pace that is accelerating. Read more


COTECA Hamburg featured a diverse range of local and international exhibitors. For quite a handful of them it was either their very first international exhibition, or at least their first appearance on European or German soil. Read more


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